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Dekmantel 050 (Do LP)
Robert Hood: Paradygm Shift

Unstoppable legend that is RH: deadly effective, ever blinding universal Techno / House album

Metroplex 028 (12")
Black Noise: Nature Of The Beast

2018 US manufactured repress; driving, dense & mesmerizing Techno trips

UR 011 (12")
Suburban Knight: Nocturbulous Behavior

2020 repress of essential Detroit Techno landmark

Mayday: The Dark Side

2020 reissue via UK w/ original Acetate label layout; Detroit Techno blueprint

Aux 88: Technology

Reissue of classic Keith Tucker co-prod. 1993 Detroit Electro Bass / Techno classic

Reduction 004 (12")
Population One: Systematically Changing Variable

Killer, oustanding Detroit Techno

Mayday: Sinister

2020 limited clear vinyl reissue via UK; late 1980s eternal Detroit Techno

Transmat 004 (12")
Rhythim Is Rhythim: Strings Of Life

Those strings for eternity and the best Kaos cut there ever was

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Der Zyklus: Cherenkov Radiation

Reduced Dopplereffekt-ish Techno / Electro cuts

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Clone CAL 010 (12")
The Other People Place: Sunday Night Live At The Laptop Cafe

2017 repress, spaced out atmospheric minimalist techno + downtempo tracks

Detroit’s Filthiest: Premium Content

Superbly soulful & uplifting, DJ Nasty prod. original Detroit Electro Funk goodness

Nexus 21: Made In Detroit

Unearthed, original timeless Detroit Techno from the archives

12" out of stock

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Ectomorph: Stark EP

2019 reissue of original serious Detroit Bass / Electro EP

Network 21R (Do EP)
Rhythim Is Rhythim: Innovator - Soundtrack For The Tenth Planet

Detroit Techno at its core, timeless blueprints properly presented - highly recommended

Do LP out of stock

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Erika: Hexagon Cloud
Axis 085 (Do LP)
Millsart: Every Dog Has Its Day V

Jeff Mills envisioned sublimely warm House / Ambient Techno excursions

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Clone CAL 004 (12")
Drexciya: Black Sea

Eternal Drexciyan classics in alternate versions plus unreleased track