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Frank Hunter: Ocular And Particular

Monotone DJ tool Techno/House rhythm tracks

Max_M & Obtane: 8 Years Down

Minimalist DJ tool Techno tracks

A&S: Diversity EP

Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search prod. DJ tool Techno

Noisy, distorted, pure Techno rhythm jams

Molecular 021 (UK 12")
Marco Lenzi: El Robo EP

Monotone, subtly atmospheric DJ tool Techno cuts; w/ locked grooves

Metasplice: Vertia

Far out psychedelic Techno jams

Pig 001 (Euro 12")
The Pig: Are You Nuts?

Killer DJ tool house tracks from the Rush Hour camp

Kalpa: Sharp

Monotone, slamming DJ tool Techno

Resin 007 (UK 12")
Pris: For A Better Understanding

Effective dubby Techno tools

Sheer 008 (UK 12")
Prince Vyse: Tactics

Slamming Birmingham Techno