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Blueprint 056 (12")
James Ruskin: Consumer Patterns
Cong Burn 002 (12")
Various Artists: Cong Burn 002

Atmospheric, stepping Bristol schooled Techno / dubby Tech House mini-compilation

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Desroi 004 (12")
Desroi: Vermillion Border
Fold 002 (12")
ASC: Noesis

Flawless mesmerizing Techno deepness

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Lovely, early 90s oriented Dub Techno / House bliss

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KSR 003 (12")
Kaiser: Mystery Of Emptiness

Effective boomy Techno bangers w/ lethal Regis & Sleeparchive remixes

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Klockworks 021 (12")
Troy: Algol

Fast paced, uplifting, driving big room Techno power trips

Semantica 112 (EP)
Stanislav Tolkachev: Be Careful And Nobody Dies

Outstanding, far out, iridescent Tolkachev Techno & Electro voyage

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Blue Hour: Remixed 02
Monolog / Pulsewidthmod: Counting The Milliseconds Before The Hit

Vibrant dark Drum & Bass stepper / trippy Techno cut

Fret / Kamikaze Space Programme: Kill The Misery Profiteers Kill Them Now

Lethal, hard distorted Industrial Techno doom

Flash X 012 (12")
Florian Meindl: Nonlinear Times Remixes

Tripping Jeroen Search minimal Techno versions a/w EBM flavoured mix

Macro 061 (12")
Stefan Goldmann: Tears Of Joy

Playful & highly effective, boomy Techno workouts

Odd Even 028 (12")
Johnny Island: Structures

Effective, dubby, stomping, acidic DJ tool Techno EP

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Fine, uplifting Techno cuts

Jaime Read: Target This MF

Stunningly original early 1990s UK take on Detroit House vibes properly reissued