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Genesa 010 (Euro 12")
Oleka: Dismay

Hard hitting, distorted, stepping Techno crushers

12" out of stock

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E-Unity: Perihelion

Stunningly free minded rhythm texture aiming at Electro, Grime & Techno at the same time - Highly recommended!

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Timedance 006 (UK 12")
Bruce: I’m Alright Mate

Sub-heavy, rhythm centered UK Techno groovers

777 012 (D EP)
Xan: August

Refreshingly jacking Techno centered EP & pleasing House bonus groovers (one copy per customer)

A.R.T. OA 1 (UK 12")
Photek: T’Raenon

20th anniversary reissue of seminal, atmospheric cutting edge Drum & Bass / Detroit Techno integration - Essential Must Have!

Amotik 007 (D 12")
Amotik: Ikis

Effectively banging Techno drivers

Angls 006 (Euro 12")
Dimi Angelis: Vector Shift

Heavy grinding Techno pressure

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Paul Mac: Shot Through EP
12" out of stock

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Yan Cook: Dialogue

Dubbed out big room Techno / Ambient Techno EP

Jeroen Search: Identity Matrix

Perfectly skillful, driving big room Techno pounders

Exile 008 (D 12")
Johannes Heil: Exile 008

Expertly prod. big room DJ tool Techno pounders

Exile LP 001 (D Do EP)
Johannes Heil: The Black Light

Reduced-to-maximize-effectiveness big room Techno w/ delightful Ambient cuts - white vinyl repress