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Do LP out of stock

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Auxiliary LP 006 (Do LP)
Various Artists: Emotion In Rhythm: 10 Years Of Auxiliary

Flawlessly atmospheric, advanced Drum & Bass related Electronica / 'grey area' Techno scapes exploring label anniversary compilation

Bite 017 (12")
NX1: Wound Mark

Effective, reverberating, slightly industrialesque Techno trips

DJ Skull: Mo Funk EP

Diverse, ever effective, true, late night Chicago tracks work out

12" out of stock

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Ron Maney: 2 Entities

Aka DJ Skull stomping Chicago Techno EP

12" out of stock

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DJ Deeon: Funk City

Reissue of original Dance Mania traxx from 1994

Phara: Road To Manilla

Full-on raving big room Techno pounders

Fleisch 018 (12")
Zanias: Extinction

Driving contemporary EBM / Dark Wave / Techno EP (grey marbled repress) (w/ download code)

12" out of stock

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Low End Activist: Engineers Origins

Excellent Drum & Bass voyage

Techfunkers: The Album: Techfunk Is Where It's At (Vol 1 Out Of 3)

Reissued via Germany - 1996 DJ Duke joint: ace blend of NY Deep House & Electro in dubbed out groove mode

Soma 564 (12")
Symmetrical Behaviour: Superconducting Harmonic Oscillator
12" out of stock

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Truncate 21 (12")

Focused, driving, highly effective Techno missiles

Vanila 011 (12")
ANFS: Adimonousa

Dark, relentless Industrial Techno-Electronics killers