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Grumptronix: Level 5

Original copies from label’s vaults - TDR-sleeved 1997 Electro futurism b/w remix treatment by Reinforced’s mighty Arcon 2

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DMX Krew: Glad To Be Sad

The best in original 1980s instrumental Synth-Pop & Electro emulations w/ subtle ‘braindance’ twist

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Andy Garvey: Eternal Recurrence

Drifting Acid Electro cuts centred EP

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Quavius: Find Ready

Chilled blend of warm Lounge House & electronically backed Hip Hop / R&B vibes

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MDR 021 (12")
Museum: Pole

Highly effective, pure groove & rhythm centered DJ tool Techno set

MDR 024 (12")
#.4.26.: Mono Middle

Heavily saturated, twisted, adventurous Breakbeat Techno explorer

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Noise Manifesto 008 (Download only)
Paula Temple: Joshua And Goliath
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Office 009 (12")
Baaz: Yourz

Excellent glowing House treats

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Tectonic 093 (Do LP + CD)
Various Artists: Tectonic Plates Volume 1
Truncate RMX3 (10")
Truncate: Remixed Part 3

Slammin’ big room techno by Len Faki & ROD remixes

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L.I.E.S. 129 (EP)
Delroy Edwards: Wagon Wheels

Crafty, tripping oldschool Chicago House trips in its full, beloved lo-fi-ness (w/ download code)

STP: The Fall Remixes

Revisited for the summer 2018 - Shed’s eternal ‘The Fall’ gets reconstructed for refreshing re-experience - Highly Recommended!

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Arts White 002 (12")
Earwax: Club 25

Direct, full-on Rave Techno cuts

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Yugen: Response

Deep atmospheric Ambient Techno trips