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L.I.E.S. 132 (12")
Cardinal & Nun: I Met The Devil

Current French ‘New Wave’ banger

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L.I.E.S. 135 (EP)
PS + ISF: Misinformation

Experimental edged, raw & direct leftfield Techno jams

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L.I.E.S. 138 (EP)
Trackstars: Bonanza

Delroy Edwards & Benedek prod. oldschool Chicago inspired late night retro jack tracks

L.I.E.S. 144 (EP)
Deecoy: Archive 2

‘Deecoy the man in Chicago you should have heard of...’ classy, adventurous Chicago jack traxxx

Likemind 05 (12")
Holovr: Likemind 05

Renaissance of a legendary mid 1990 UK Ambient Techno project in full swing

MOS Deep 026 (12")
R-A-G: The Tales Of... Pt. 1

Dense New Wave/Detroit leaning retro Techno

Electronic sound works of elevating sacral intensity w/ echoes of classic New Age tinged sound design (w/ download code)

Pita: Get On

‘unwieldy blend of noise, abstraction, gnarled rhythm and blurred melody’ by the boss himself (w/ download code)

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Valuable reissue of block building, still inspring UK New Wave / Punk / outsider Pop heritage (w/ download code)

Rabih Beaini’s spiritual Cosmic Jazz project delivers full sound track for intergalactic traveling (w/ download code)

NWAQ Ape LP 02 (3x LP)
Newworldaquarium: The Dead Bears

Extended vinyl reissue of essential, far out, intergalactic House album from 2008 - Recommended!

Nu Era: Aquarian Android

Reinforced’s very own Marc Mac prod. true Techno Soul EP

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Ous 019 (LP)
Spime.Im: Exaland

Intense Avantgarde-CAD-IDM Electronics (w/ download card) (w/ download code)

Pennyroyal 008 (12")
Zeki: Pennyroyal 008

Powerful, sub focused, universal Grime / stepping Techno hybrids

Anaxander: Chords + Theories

Essential early Detroit sounding house

12" out of stock

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Various Artists: Welcome To Paradise 12"

Valuable reissue of early 1990s Italo House gems