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Suction 052 (EP)
RX-101: Hearts Utd.

Remarkable, AFX leaning Acid / IDM / Electro EP w/ killer Brainwaltzera remix

Suction 049 (10")
Beau Wanzer: Do The Spider Shimmy

Raw Electronics explorer in early 1980s original Minimal Electronic mode

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Suction 039 (EP)
D’Arcangelo: Somewhere In Time

Reissue of former Rephlex Cat 039 - noisy, Industrial-esque rhythm textures & uplifting IDM/Electro bonus (few mint copies only)

Suction 044 (EP)

Archival mini-album blending great Italian Industrial tradition w/ mid 90s rephlexing Braindance vibes

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Suction 048 (Do LP)
Lowfish: Test(e)

Early 1990s UK ‘braindance’ & pre-IDM inspired Canadian Ambient Techno set properly reissued