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Idle Hands 057 (12")
Dan Habarnam: Major Blinks

Lo-fi-esque, sparse, pulsating UK Tech House drifters

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Pervocet: Acid Series Vol 5

Reduced trippy Acid Techno trips

Klockworks 011 (12")
Rod: Anindica

Banging Acid Techno

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Klockworks 025 (12")
Newa: Arca23

Highly effective, acidic, Detroitish Techno EP

Mistry 002 (12")
Webstarr: Aegrus

Swinging, dark UK Techno w/ echoes of Grime & UK Bleep heritage

Modern Love 104 (Do LP)
Turinn: 18 1/2 Minute Gaps

Diverse set & mixture of leftfield Electro, IDM, UKG & Techno

Lucy Railton: Paradise 94

Astonishing sound sculptures blending Drone research & Noise development

Nomad 01 (LP)

Beautiful, cinematic, ‘in-quest-for-the-perfect-Drone’ related Modern Classical excursions

PAN 19 (LP)
Heatsick: Intersex

Steven Warwick prod. early-/pre-House rooted, experimental edged Electronics

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Borusiade: Misfits Of Broken Dreams
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Safe Trip 013 (12")
Dazion: Dragon Wave / VX LTD

Sparse, subtly pulsating to warm Ambient wrapped Proto-House affine rhythm textures

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Artilect: Rhythm Seeker

Heavy cutting-edge Drum & Bass bangers

Cam Deas: Time Exercises

Widely reverberating Noise & puristic Ambient textures