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DJ Swagger: Faces Whatsoever EP

Fresh blend of leftfield UKG & Electro vibes in a House comptaible DJ mode

UR 010 (EP)

2019 repress: ‘a record we need more than ever at the moment.’

Zoot 012 (12")
The Maghreban: Pots & Pans

Intergalactic Jazz & Dub flavored, exceptional UK House affine trips - Highly Recommended!

Cabinet 048 (12")
Brawther: Soothing

Crisp, bouncy, reduced DJ tool House cuts

Decisions 017 (12")

Ace, drumming centered, subtly dubbed out UK Bass / Grime / Techno affine rhythm adventures

DJ HMC: Phreakin’

Valuable reissue of classic House

Nonplace 044 (EP)

Next level Nonplace combining masterful rhythm compositions & sound design - Highly Recommended! Tip!

Only One 010 (12")
Dan Curtin: When Worlds Align EP

Twisted, late 1990s Detroit schooled Techno EP

Collection of ace crisp, precise industrialised IDM & Drum & Bass affine, purist Ambient Drone - TIP! (w/ download code)

12" out of stock

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Timedance 018 (12")
Metrist: Pollen Pt. I

Crisp IDM & Grime trained, Electro affine, modern UK Techno / Tech House adventures

Galaxian: Self/No-Self I - Path Of Deviation

Classy futuristic Electro euphoria

12" out of stock

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Emerald 007 (12")

Effective raving EBM Techno stompers

12" out of stock

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Glass Talk 004 (12")

Sub heavily stepping, minimalist UK Techno / UK Bass excursions