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Abstractly percussive, superior sounding cutting-edge Designer Electronics from famous INA-GRM camp - Tip!

Luc Ferrari: Music Promenade / Unheimlich Schön

Classic, pioneering Electroacoustic Music from French INA-GRM institution

Karl 071 (LP)
G.A.M.S.: G.A.M.S.

Andi Stecher & Guido Möbius in a free styling, slightly Indie Rock affine, explorative rhythm & noise session (w/ download code)

Touch 111 (Do LP)

Superb, cinematic Modern Classical & Drone dedicated sound works - Recommended!

Mego Editions 234 (Do LP)
Oto Hiax: Oto Hiax

Mark Clifford co-prod. impressive mixture of dense, droning Ambient & intense Electro-Accoustics reminiscent works (w/ download code)

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Hecker: Inspection II

Theory & practice in forefront computer music developments

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Mark McGuire: Get Lost

1970s Krautrock rooted, solo guitar centered electronic instrumental tunes w/ pop appeal

Various Artists: Drone-Mind / Mind-Drone Vol. 2
Brume: Two Characters

Side long, brilliant Drone pressure

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Karl 047 (Do LP)
Fret: Over Depth

Mick Harris prod. outstanding Industrial / Drum & Bass / Metal Drone integration - Tip! (warehouse find, no download code) (w/ download code)

Superb, extended field recordings & Ambient / Drone treatments

Hum: The Spectral Ship

Excellent extended Drone scapes