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Clone CC 01 (Euro 12")
Mike Dunn: presents MD III: Face The Nation

Reissue of essential late 1980s Chicago house tracks - Essential Must Have!

Clone CC 18 (Euro 12")
Da Posse: It’s My Life (Aluh Mix)

Valuable reissue of eternal Chicago House classics - Essential Must Have!

Ace Ernestus dubs for Nigerian brass band Obadikah - Highly Recommended!

12" out of stock

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Tyler Friedman: Vulkalaunai

Extended dubbed out House trips

R-Time 005 (UK 12")
Mark The 909 King: After Dark

Compiled reissued of ever forward marching, ‘wild pitch’ affine NY House trips

12" out of stock

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Salt Mines 003 (UK 12")
Phlowgod: 20092

Lo-fi-esque grooving House / Techno EP

12" out of stock

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DJ Barbossa: Mystical Teachings

Bouncy, Acid basslines driven DJ tool Retro-House set

12" out of stock

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Salt Mines 006 (UK 12")
Shedbug & Rudolf C: Honey Mushrooms

Lo-fi-esque oldschool indebted, raw DJ tool House set

Versatile 123 (Euro Do 12")
Château Flight: Dam House EP

Expertly led intergalactic House excursion

12" out of stock

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Herbert: Reissues Part 3

Third EP from Herbert’s mid 1990s House revolution properly reissued

Idle Hands 052 (UK 12")
Andy Mac: Diving Bird 3

Shuffled grooving, spaced out House & Ambient w/ dubbed out PST & Dreesen version

Mojuba Jouem 5 (D 12")
Jouem: Episodes 5/8 - The Edict Of Restoration

Subtly pulsating, chilled, blue Ambient House beauties

12" out of stock

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Brenecki: Esoteric Body Music

Highly effective, diverse DJ tool set covering oldscool Electro, Acid & UK hard core

Out To Lunch 018 (D 12")

Remastered 2017 repress - warm, Beatdown & Disco infected House gems by the original OTL crew (whitelabel in generic sleeve shrink wrapped)

Various Artists: Excursions # 5

Classic US / Detroit House schooled, swinging & uplifting UK House mini sampler

Alton Miller: A Says Hello EP

Masterful, jazzy synth workouts driven, true Consciousness Deep House jams