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Senking: Dazed

Chilled & sub heavy, Dubstep related Electronic excursions

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Western Lore 005 (Do EP)
Sonic: 110174

Outstanding, idiosyncratic against-the-grain Jungle-Drum-&-Bass-Footwork-Techno adventure - TIP!

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Deft: Burna

Ace, Footwork leaning beatscience

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Planet Mu 419 (Do LP)

Superb, puristic, forward-thinking Designer-IDM-Grime album

Anno 005 (12")
J. Albert: Pre Formal Audio

Versatile & fresh swinging UK Bass related though dare-to-be different rhythm workouts

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Keysound 081 (Download only)
Spektralsound: Safe Haven EP

Superb, swinging, Grime related UK techsteppers

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Sabab: Fittest OF The Fittest
12" out of stock

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Fiend: Emeralds

Flawless Dubstep deepness

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Fever AM 008 (12")
Rhyw: Loom High

Classy, techy & loose swinging UK Bass cuts

81 014 (12")
Pinch: Walking With Shadows

Techno affine, dark & heavy Grime beat science

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Holloway: Some Bad Days

Varied, effective UK Garage EP

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Exit 072 (EP)
Dub Phizix: Rebel Spirit EP

DP’s ever stunning blend of half-stepping Drum & Bass, Dance Hall & Grime - TIP!