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Morbid 012 (Do EP)

Uncompromising set of ever forward marching Techno bangers - no more, no less.

12" out of stock

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Hard pounding, anthemic Techno-Trance ravers - one per customer only

Tough dramatic EBM Goth-Techno steel (w/ download code)

Sharplines: Stranger To Stranger

Hard hitting Goth Industrial Techno bomb (w/ download code)

12" out of stock

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Workshop 29 (12")
DJ Slyngshot: Workshop 29

Raw, subtly drifting, purist Breakbeat House cuts

Fiedeltwo 4.1 (12")
Mode_1: 4x4 Series Pt.1

Tough, reduced, highly effective big room Techno package

Fiedeltwo 4.2 (12")
Vinicius Honorio: 4x4 Series Pt.2

Tough stomping, highly effective big room Techno package

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Ancient Methods: The First Siren

Astonishing results from deeper diving into unknown EBM-Techno waters - one sealed copy

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Ndagga 23 (12")

Mbalax derived rhythm textures in visionary, purist version style - killer stuff!

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Hoover 1-3 (12")
Hoover1: Hoover1-3

Hardcore Shedism for the head strong in Glasgow-to-Golzow-via-Storkow mode

Hoover 1-4 (12")
Hoover1: Hoover1-4

Blazing Shed Hardcore declarations for the lovers & the ravers

CNG 2 (12")

Deadly, earth shaking dubs for idiosyncratic, rhythm centered Congolese Konono N° 1 project

Orlando Voorn: Bad Manners 5

Ace, warm, funky Dutch / Detroit school House / Techno EP

Inga Mauer: Bad Manners 6

Raw, slightly EBMish Electro tinged Techno trips

12" out of stock

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Gesloten Cirkel: Bad Manners 7

Raw, partly New Beat leaning, acidic Techno / Electro EP