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Zhark 00010 (D 12")
Kareem: Black September

Dark distorted club guaranteed perc. tracks w/ 'walls' of white noise....

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Zhark 00011 (D 12")
Huren: Barracks

Strong kickin'industrial-esque forward stompin dark&massive tracks/ 'soundwalls'

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Zhark 00012 (D 12")
Kareem: Schattenreich

Dense, Industrial leaning, outstanding Techno EP

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Zhark 00014 (D 12")
ZymOsiZ: ZymOsiZ

Industrial related Techno compatible Noise scapes

Zhark 00015 (D 12")
Harsh: Tripods

Industrial/Techno & IDM rooted Noise scapes (repress without cover)

Zhark 00016 (D 12")
Kareem: Druids

Superb Noise/Industrial/Industrial Techno EP

Zhark 00019 (D 12")
Le Talium: Ékom Axpé

Hard, distorted, Industrial leaning, adventurous Techno EP

12" out of stock

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Dekmantel 024 (Euro 12")
Palms Trax: In Gold

Fine lush and driving House cuts; repress

Delsin DSR C2 (Euro 12")
Son Sine: Seconds Minutes Hours

Fine dubbed out House/Techno excursions

12" out of stock

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MOS 022 (Euro 12")
Massiande: Stand

Fine jacking atmospheric House tracks

12" out of stock

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MOS Deep 023 (Euro 12")
Andrew Red Hand: For My Mother

Superb Detroit led jacking Deep Techno tracks

Ostgut Ton LP 019 (D Do EP)

Electronica & Proto-House rooted full range, House centred album (comes w/ download)