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Jamwax 18 (Reggae 7")
Igo Levy: Soul Captive

Sought-after spaced out digi journey crossing funk land

Jamwax 19 (Reggae 7")
Steve Knight: Robber Man

''World A Music'' coming cool & deadly, total killer

Nathan Skyers: Salute To The Heroes

Sought-after notorious late 90ies tune, comes with unreleased vocal cut instead of version

Flick Wilson: Sparring Partner

Confident & classy digi roots

John Piper: Back On The Road

Next one from the archives leveling up this series

Jamwax 11 (Reggae 7")
Vernon Maytone: Old Pan Sound

Impossible to find soundboy KILLER reissued for the first time

Jug Head: Words Of Love

Obscure semi-digital from the early 80s, with dub versions