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Die Orakel 007 (D 12")
Roman Flügel: Verschiebung

Superbly executed, drifting sound & rhythm textures

Roman Flügel: Cookie Dust

Classy, full range EP w/ 1990s electronica rooted Techno & House

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Various Artists: Dekmantel 10 Years 01

Wide ranged EP compiling classy Ambient, Electro & House cuts

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Clone JFD 018 (Euro 12")
Roman Flügel: Even More

Funked up Chicago informed House thumpers

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Dial 069 (D 12")
Roman Flügel: Sliced Africa

Perfectly crafted original House

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Dial LP 023 (D Do LP)
Roman Flügel: Fatty Folders

Crafty album on the edge of 2011 stripped down House & 1970s Krautrock/Italo Disco-esque electronic music

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Dial 054 (D 12")
Roman Flügel: How To Spread Lies

Excellent subtle jazzy electronic disco infected house EP

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Dial 058 (D 12")

Moody electronica/tech-house hybrid EP