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Auxiliary 018 (EP)
Saturne: Trace Elements

Stepping pulses driven, ultra deep Ambient Techno EP

Pessimist: The Woods

Blinding Drum & Bass / Industrial Techno derived, sparse bangers - Highly Recommended!

Weaponry 005 (EP)
Torana: Acrid EP

Absolutely convincing upfront Drum & Bass / stepping Industrial Techno integration

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Kenny Larkin: Azimuth (Expanded Edition)

One of THE genre defining Detroit Techno albums in luxury, expanded package with bonus 10"

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Enemy NME 006 (Download only)
Dustin Zahn: The Shock Doctrine
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Signature 028 (12")

Heavyweight intervention from the depths of the Dub / Techno continuum

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Subwax EXC LP 04 (Do LP)
Indio: Indio

First vinyl issue of John Beltran's 1997 Transmat CD only Detroit (Ambient) Techno album

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Klockworks 004 (12")
Klockworks: Klockworks 4

Finest, minimalist DJ tool killer Techno

Arsenik 004 (12")
Kuf: Plagiat

Ace, grinding, banging, mesmerizing Techno cuts

Ilian Tape 046 (12")

Reissue of fabulous, warm, late 1990s Techno / House cuts

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LDS: Organic Computer Awareness
Mord 059 (12")
Tensal: Unequal Struggle

Highly optimized muscular Techno might

Soma 508 (12")
Lewis Fautzi: Molecular Spasms
Soma 557 (12")
Lewis Fautzi: Extinction

Dismal & boomy Techno pounders