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Ernestas Sadau: Gonzo On Tour
SHUT 003 (D 12")
Ryan James Ford: Discipline 78-96

A stunningly fresh oldschool-not-oldschool original Techno adventure

Tensal 008 (Euro Do EP)
Tensal: Disco Negro

Highly optimized, dense big room Techno pressure

Tinfoil 006 (Euro 12")
Tinfoil: Fright Train

Sunil Sharpe & Defekt prod. highly effective, alarmist Techno bangers

Bokeh: Lancashire

Anthone & Katsunori Sawa prod. excellent atmospheric Drum & Bass cut / impressive Techno shamanism

Chiwax CDJS 003 (D 12")
DJ Skull: Duly Noted EP

Jacking, techy, late night, original Chicago House EP

Steve Murphy: Polaroid EP

Pure, minimalist, jacking Techno / House grooves & Electro floaters

Residual 002 C (US EP)
Titonton Duvante: Futurity EP

Classy 1998 adventure blending Detroit schooled, UK twisted,Techno & Chicago jack vibes

12" out of stock

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Tresor 298 (D 12")

Boomy, highly effective, perfectionist big room Techno versions - download card included

Do LP out of stock

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Infrastructure 024 (D Do LP)
Damon Wild: Cosmic Path

Spaced out, minimalist, jacking, highly effective US Techno DJ tool set

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Mindtrip 017 (Euro 12")
Dold: Shutdown

Perfect big room DJ tool set

Asok: A Mind Forever Voyaging - Album Sampler

Punchin' atmospheric Techno; one sided issue

Mistress 006 (US 12")
Asok: Count Zero EP

Perfectly merging Detroit & UK Techno heritage

Mistress 007 (US 12")
Juxta Position: Juxta Position Vol.2

Perfect, from Detroit schooled funky to minimalist jacking Techno set

Nonplus 028 (UK 12")
Source Direct: Black Rose

Dark Drum & Bass anthem reissued w/ derived, classy Blawan Techno version

Shitkatapult 151 (D Do LP)
Cristian Vogel: Polyphonic Beings

Classy, unique sounding, IDM & UK Bass leaning album by one of Techno music’s greats (comes w/ download)

Token 065 (Euro 12")
Phase: Alone In Time? Remixed

Perfect James Ruskin & Regis prod. stepping Techno remix b/w optimized Phase remix

Token 076 (Euro EP)
Neel: Calcata

Pure effective Techno workouts