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Pangaea: In Drum Play

Fresh, hard jacking UK House w/ subtle UKG swing & Techno-Grime hybrids . Highly Recommended! (w/ download code)

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Umwelt: Superior Life Forms

Heavy, distorted, Acid tinged, tripping stepping Techno & Electro excursions

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Mindtrip 024 (12")
Ivan Szew: Full Circle

Lethal, hard pounding, floor impact focused Techno missiles

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Pinch: Border Control

Idiosyncratic take on Noise appreciating Techno heaviness by a true Grime pioneer

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Clouds: Parkzicht (MPIA3 Remix)
Ryan James Ford: Ormst Kaban

Bridging early 1990s & current IDM-Techno dedicated EP

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L.I.E.S. 121 (EP)

‘The Hague’ style reminiscent Electro / Wave / Techno integration

MOS Deep 026 (12")
R-A-G: The Tales Of... Pt. 1

Dense New Wave/Detroit leaning retro Techno

Nu Era: Aquarian Android

Reinforced’s very own Marc Mac prod. true Techno Soul EP

Pennyroyal 008 (12")
Zeki: Pennyroyal 008

Powerful, sub focused, universal Grime / stepping Techno hybrids

Sbire 002 (12")

Flawless, deep blue, Lounge compatible Ambient / Tech House / Techno excursion

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Crisp, minimalist Electro & drifting Ambient sound scapes

Axis 083 DC (12")
Jeff Mills: The Director’s Cut Chapter 5

Reissue of deep to banging Detroit Techno space trips