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Ostgut Ton 111 (12")

Heavy, dark, partly distorted & noisy Goth Techno smart bomb

Ostgut Ton 116 (12")
Norman Nodge: Embodiment EP

Classy, breakbeats saturated, swinging to Acid-leaning, intensely pounding Techno set

Ostgut Ton 120 (12")
Ryan Elliott: Paul’s Horizon

Focused, atmospheric, driving Techno / Tech House EP

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Ostgut Ton 124 (12")

Uplifting, warm, techy House EP

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The 7th Plain: Chronicles III

3rd part of Luke Slater’s fantastic, 1990s Ambient Techno works compiled for eternity (w/ download card)

Phillip Sollmann: Monophonie

Captivating orchestral exploration into just intonation - comes in gatefold cover

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Ostgut Ton LP 024 (Do LP)

Well balanced Ambient & Ambient Techno research & development project (w/ download code)

Nitam: Cancellate EP

Excellent, chilled Techno / Ambient Techno EP

Strongly 1990s EBM rooted, hard kicking, dark Techno

Borusiade: Their Specters

Subtly 1980s Wave & EBM referencing, experimental edged Techno explorer

Semantica 120 (EP)
Cio D’Or: Fluidum III

Spacious, alien, Sähkö leaning Techno scapes

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Coco Bryce: Ma Bae Be Luv

Flawless uplifting Jungle revivalism