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Trax 135 (12")
Jungle Wonz: Time Marches On

Repress via UK - very classic Marshall Jefferson House production

12" out of stock

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Trax 139 (12")
Eric Bell: Your Love

Reissue via UK; late 1980s strongly New Wave related Chicago House

Trax 152 (12")
Hercules: Lost In The Groove

Reissue via UK; Marshall Jefferson prod. eternal Chicago House classic

Trax 158 (12")
Lidell Townsell: Get The Hole

Reissue via UK; 1988 original Chicago Acid House

12" out of stock

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Trax 163 (12")
Laurent X: Machines EP

Reissue via UK - formerly a House Nation release; eternal, original Acid House

Tresor 290 (12")
Bnjmn: Body Reflections Pt. 1

Classy driving Techno / Ambient Techno EP (w/ download code)

12" out of stock

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VDR 002 (12")
Vincent Desmont: The Priche

Swinging, warm, classic 1990s Detroit schooled Techno / House EP

Do LP out of stock

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No Smoke: International Smoke Signals

Proper reissue of idiosyncratic 1990 UK House blending Reggae, Hip Hop, early UK Hardcore - Highly Recommended!

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Wax Candy 001 (12")
DJ Skull: Chi Life EP

Classy, swinging 2010 Chicago House jackers

YYYY: Carry This Blood

Hard, stomping to widely reverberating, Ambient leaning, rull range Techno EP

XPQ? 002 (EP)
Exael: Dioxippe

Set of raw, far-out, adventurous leftfield Techno & Electronica experiments

Youth 007B (7")
Howes: The Weathertenko

Raw, ‘in-the-red’ Techno & Dance Hall affine, dubbed out rhythm tracks

Zuse 001 (12")
Zuse: Port Neptun
12" out of stock

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Bakk 016 (12")
Raff: Stella

Warm, laid-back Electro to banging House EP

Do EP out of stock

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De:tuned 029 (Do EP)
As One: Communion
12" out of stock

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Delsin E 9 (12")
Area Forty_One: Nocturnal Passions Part III

Fine moody Detroit atmospheric Electro / Techno EP

EP out of stock

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VC-118A: Permutation
12" out of stock

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Hubplate 002 (12")
Dan Curtin: Indiscrete

Party-guaranteed Disco-House slammers from Curtin's 1998-2001 archive