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Techfunkers: The Album: Techfunk Is Where It's At (Vol 1 Out Of 3)

Reissued via Germany - 1996 DJ Duke joint: ace blend of NY Deep House & Electro in dubbed out groove mode

Sex Trax 015 (12")

Replica reissued via Germany; NY ‘Wild Pitch’ & Acid House heat by masters L.A. Williams, Roy Davis Jr. & Earl Smith Jr.

VDR 003 (12")

Chilled stepping to dense, hot Dub & UKG touched Techno fusion w/ a Shed alike feel of originality - TIP!

Max Frith 001 (12")
Max Frith: Fade / Slipstream

Crisp, blue UK Garage / House cuts

R&S 2007 (12")
Sam Interface: Pink Dolphins EP

Stripped down, UKG / UK Funky leaning percussive DJ tools

Schloss 004 (12")
A Psychic Yes: That Swamp Feeling

Crisp grooving UK Bass leaning House steppers

Yozmaz 010 (12")
Hi-Ryze: Bitter Pill EP

Classy, retroesque electroid House EP

Brew 012 (12")
Robert Bergman: Champion Sound

Wild, acidic House psychedelica

Kaboom Trax 10 (10")
Tonatiuh: Journey

Single sided Deep House goodness

Perlon 092-1 (Do EP)
Ricardo Villalobos: Dependent And Happy (Part 1)
Perlon 092-2 (Do EP)
Ricardo Villalobos: Dependent And Happy (Part 2)

Wonderfully subtle, extended tripping outsider House

Perlon 117-1 (12")

Classy, subtle atmospheric, tripping & modern House

Sakanat 001 (12")
Mehdim: Break The Juno

Playful, 90s oriented, warm Egyptian House / Electro bouncers

CSM 001 (12")
Selway: CSM I

Reissue of deadly, warm, minimalist House floaters

Rick Wade: Too Deep EP

Classy, atmospheric RW prod. Deep House drifters

Idle Hands 063 (10")
O$VMV$M: Phase 4 / Witch Linen

Atmospheric, hazy, dubbed out House blends

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Incienso 009 (LP)
Call Super: Every Mouth Teeth Missing