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Mojuba 008 (D 12")
Oracy: Rewound

Crafty, classic 1990s US House leaning cuts

Mojuba 012 (D 12")
Nick Solé: Simple Things

Classic US house rooted deeper floating club tunes

12" out of stock

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Phoenix G 053 (UK 12")
Jayson Wynters: Unfamiliar Territories

Superb, warmly blandishing, dubby House stompers

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Playhouse 044 (D 12")
Max Mohr: Sweet

Fine reduced house tracks

Rawax 018 (D 12")
Nico Lahs: Off The Rails EP

Crafty, jacking, acidic 1990s US Techno schooled EP

Leron Carson / Dion Wilson: Tracks From The Tape

Unreleased House tracks from southside Chicago 1989.

Juliano: This Must Be...

Straight ahead, effective leftfield House EP

Wandering 002 (D 12")
Tyche: Scald

Fine house rhythm tune b/w chords driven heavy tripping house cut

Wild Oats K15 (US Do 12")
K15: Insecurities
12" out of stock

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Workshop 01 (D 12")
Lowtec: Workshop 01

Classic Detroit school rooted House

12" out of stock

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Workshop 03 (D 12")
Kassem Mosse: Workshop 03

Spaced out, dare-to-be-different House

12" out of stock

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Martyn: Block The Box

Class A spaced out breakbeat led House bombs

12" out of stock

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Romare: Roots

Fine twisted Beatdown House cuts

Do EP out of stock

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Lustwerk Music 003 (US Do EP)
Studio OST: Scenes (2012-2015)