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Micronism: Steps To Recovery

Reissue of fine late 90s dubbed out Techno excursions

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A Band Called Flash: Mother Confessor

Fine Ron Trent prod. Disco led House jams

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Nonplus 029 (UK 12")
Redshape: I Feel Like Riot

Perfectly crafted, spaced tripping, universal Techno/House anthems

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Phoenix G 042 (UK 12")
Mr. G: Outta Sight

Flawless dusky big room House

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Nathan Melja: No No No

Fine tripping leftfield House jams

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Tempa 107 (UK 12")
Cliques: Dotted

Twisted IDM take on techy leftfield UKG themes

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Timedance 004 (UK 12")
Lurka: Beater

Adventurous, playful, deep House steppers

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Ostgut Ton 069 (D 12")
Nick Höppner: Red Hook Soil EP

Fine tripping House/Techno EP

LLL 01 (D 12")
Szch: EP

Sweet, extended DJ tool House jams

The Rhythm Odyssey: Love Ticket Trax EP

Reduced, oldschool Chicago House inspired EP

Various Artists: Definitive Collection Vol. 3
Fit 011 (US 12")
MGUN: Wide Eye

Highest order psychedelic house & techno trips

Minuendo 032 (UK 12")
Aphreme: Beneath The Windy Trees EP
12" out of stock

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General Ludd: Are You Losing My Hearing?

UKG compatible, stripped down, crispy house cuts

Mojuba MU 3 (D 12")
MK: Strider

1991 Detroit Techno/House gem reissued & expanded (repress w/o sleeve)

PAL SL 014 (UK 12")
Desert Sky: Need For Afiliation

Minimalist, expertly tripped out House/Tech House groover

Rawax 017 (D 12")
Lumitecc: Spinnin’ Steel EP

Retroesque, subtle DJ tool House set