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Versatile 116 (Euro 12")
Œil Cube: Œil Cube EP

Deadly cut-up & spaced out tripping, crafty Disco House set

Versatile 111 (Euro 12")
Zombie Zombie: Hyperspace Remixes
Versatile 088 (Euro 12")
Society Of Silence: To The Maggot EP

Tripping House/Tech House DJ tool tracks

Versatile 113 (Euro 12")
Icola: Diablerie

An I:Cube project w/ classy, percussive, tripped out House work outs

Benoit B: Pelican Love EP

Mini album w/ diverse selection of dubbed out & vintage Electronica, Ambient & beyond

12" out of stock

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Versatile 096 (Euro 12")
The Maghreban: Smack EP

Fine raw psychedelic House trips

12" out of stock

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Versatile 076 (UK 12")
I:Cube: Lucifer En Discothèque

2017 repress - awesome, spaced & dubbed out, techy Disco House trips

7" out of stock

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Alma Vox: Toi Mon Toit

1980s rooted French dance pop

12" out of stock

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Versatile 056 (Euro 12")
I:Cube: Prophetization EP

Classy Disco rooted House works

12" out of stock

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Versatile 102 (Euro 12")
Etienne Jaumet: La Visite EP

French 1980s Electronic Synth Pop / Wave leaning freestyling House related EP

12" out of stock

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Versatile 039 (Euro 12")
I:Cube: Fr33z

20th anniversary edition - 1980s Disco leaning, effective House hybrids

12" out of stock

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Versatile 091 (Euro 12")

Extended killer House trips leaning on the works of the great Terry Riley

12" out of stock

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Versatile 104 (Euro 12")
Acid Arab: Djazirat El Maghreb

Slightly North African & Levant musics infected killer House/Acid House cuts

12" out of stock

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Versatile 103 (Euro 12")
The Maghreban: Wonder Woman

Exceptional raw psychedelic House trips