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Various Artists: Nakombe Nga / What Did She Say?

Valuable reisssue of mid 1980s Disco groovers

Perlon 103.1 (12")

Fine psychedelic and reduced House trips

Stólar 001 (12")
Philipp Priebe: The Clouds All Form A Geometric Shape

Tripping, atmospheric House / Tech House set (w/ download code)

S.T.D. 001 (12")
Wet: That's The Game

Reissue of ace Synth-Pop / proto-Acid House classic from 1983, famously sampled by KDJ

Sole Fusion: Bass Tone

Reissued via UK - properly remastered, classic, block building NY House cuts

Jerome Hill: The Pob Routine

Playful, jacking, effective DJ tool House EP

E-Beamz 034 (12")
Borai & Denham Audio: Clouds Across The Stars

Flawless, breakbeats infused UK House weaponry

12" out of stock

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Sofia 002 (12")
Kink: Nagore

Expertly prod. playful & effective House bouncers

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Mark E: Outdoor Pursuits
12" out of stock

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Lost Palms 025 (12")
Subjoi: Me & U

Fine, dreamy, stomping House EP

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Acido 031 (12")
Ypy: 551

Exquisite, leftfield, stepping House motorics

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James Mason: I Want Your Love

Astonishing Proto House from 1984 reissued - Essential!