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Mojuba MU 1 (D 12")
Tyree: Nuthin Wrong

One sided issue; reissue of Chicago house gem, repress w/o sleeve

New Kanada 58 (US 12")
Maymind: Prophet

UK House styled tunes w/ Detroit school roots

Nu Groove 051 (US 12")

Reissue via UK; classic NY Deep House - a Rheji Burrell production

Nu Groove 090 (US 12")
Equation: The Theory Of Housativity

Reissue via UK; 1991 Ronald Burrell prod. quality Deep House

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Ostgut Ton 067 (D 12")
Various Artists: Panorama Bar 05 12”
Black Ice Production: Dance Traxx EP

Reissue via UK; 1994 House EP on Large side label w/ Chicago-NY-style DJ tools

Tectonic 081 (UK 12")
Roska: Hyperion EP

A/w minimalist Tech House b/w stepping UK Funky related DJ tool House cuts

Versatile 056 (Euro 12")
I:Cube: Prophetization EP

Classy Disco rooted House works

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Versatile 085 (Euro 12")
Various Artists: Acid Arab Collections / EP02

Stunning North African & Levant musics application in House & Acid House w/ echoes of the great Terry Riley

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Versatile 098 (Euro 12")
Various Artists: Acid Arab Collections / EP03

Stunning North African & Levant musics application in House & Acid House

Versatile 102 (Euro 12")
Etienne Jaumet: La Visite EP

French 1980s Electronic Synth Pop / Wave leaning freestyling House related EP

Versatile 105 (Euro 12")

Stunning EP ranging from developed, leftfield House to freestyling Electronica á la Terry Riley