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Soundstream 06 (12")
Soundstream: Julie’s Theme

Absolute Disco House standards - Essential!

12" out of stock

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Soundstream 07 (12")
Soundstream: Bass Affairs

Absolute Disco House standards - Essential!

Shadow Child: Apollo 1

Effective House DJ tools for big rooms

Höga Nord 009 (12")
Frak: Ternary Fission EP

Classy, raw, acid tinged minimalist rhythm jams

LP out of stock

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Push/Pull: Bang The Drums

Valuable reissue of rare Ben Cenac 1990 prod. Deep House tribalism

Model Citizen: Young & Intelligent

Valuable reissue of highly sought-after, early 90s Italian House gem

12" out of stock

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Mr. White: You Rock Me
Heaven And Earth: Prescription EP

Proper reissue of classic 1995 Prescription House

Bxl 004 (12")
Sagat: Off Center

Ace, atmospheric, reduced Techno shakers / percussive House stepper

Triple-sided issue w/ D-side etched + insert; haunting Turkish original in epic, Villalobos treatment

Ace Ernestus dubs for Nigerian brass band Obadikah - Highly Recommended!

PK 2 (12")
Greg Cash: Party Chat Remix

Kicking early Moodymann comparable disco soul infected house

Hobbes 014 (12")

Fresh, subtly drifting & grooving UK House business