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Bedouin X 002 (LP)
Osheyack: Sadomodernism

Mind bending mixture of Avant-IDM-Techno & out-there Grime vibes for the fearless

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Coyote 026 (12")
Shayu: All The Way Through
Decisions 017 (12")

Ace, drumming centered, subtly dubbed out UK Bass / Grime / Techno affine rhythm adventures

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Timedance 018 (12")
Metrist: Pollen Pt. I

Crisp IDM & Grime trained, Electro affine, modern UK Techno / Tech House adventures

Cristian Vogel: The Assistenz

Ace, Noise appreciating Ambient Dub Designer-Electronica w/ echoes of UK Bass & Grime

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Crucial 026 (12")
Sleeper: Militant Focus EP

Fine originalist Dubstep EP

Actapulgite: Le Malin EP

Twisted, pulsating, Bristlolian Grime school affine leftfield Electronic / IDM EP

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Helix: Greatest Hits Vol.3 Sampler

Grime affine beat & rave science blending classic Techno & Disco

Gen Ludd: Marraskuu

Minimalist, freestyling & universal pure DJ tool rhythm w/ affinities for Grime to classic Chicago House

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Oliver Yorke: The Gift

Fresh, leftfield Drum & Bass / Footwork hybrids related beat science

Planet Mu 414 (EP)
Basic Rhythm: 2 Da Core

Tough, focused, deadly twisted, ‘footworking’ Grime beat science