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Kim Brown: Wisdom Is A Dancer

Remastered 2017 repress - warm, Beatdown & Disco infected House gems by the original OTL crew (whitelabel in generic sleeve shrink wrapped)

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Semper Idem 02 (12")
Ottodox: The Love Of A Former Golden Age Pt. II: The Love

Pure, proper Techno trips w/ welcome Porter Ricks reminiscence

Various Artists: Sound Sampler Vol. 2

Done with love: for the music, for dancers, for detail... real House music in four incarnations

War Easy Made: The Internecine Truth [101 808]

Subtle, nasty, sub heavy, effective DJ tool Techno cuts

Ndagga 22 (12")

Further into Mbalax derived, rhythm focused territory b/w drums scape in dub-mode

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Soundstream 01 (12")
Soundstream: Good Soul

Absolute Disco House standards - Essential!

Workshop 18 (12")
Ital: Workshop 18

Chilled, tripping leftfield House/Ambient hybrid EP

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Workshop 27 (EP)
Even Tuell: Workshop 27

Anthem alert - breaking news from the forefront of leftfield House research

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SHUT 003 (12")
Ryan James Ford: Discipline 78-96

A stunningly fresh oldschool-not-oldschool original Techno adventure

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Wax No. 40004 (12")
Wax: No. 40004

Deadly, powerful, sub heavy Techno

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Wax No. 50005 (12")
Wax: No. 50005

Bittersweet atmospheric & raw, pure Techno

Hoover 1-2 (12")
Hoover1: Hoover1-2

Out-of-the-blue Shed bootleg in a techy Jungle mode

Hoover 1-1 (12")
Hoover1: Hoover1-1

Out-of-the-blue Shedism in a techy Jungle mode

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Wax No. 10001 (12")
Wax: No. 10001

Guaranteed floor burning, raw Techno cuts

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Wax No. 60006 (12")
Wax: No. 60006

Hard pumping, purely floor dedicated Shedism

Cheap 053 (12")

Boomy, straight forward, pure Techno in best Cheap tradition - no less!

MDR 015 (12")
Sa Pa: We Can Be Friends

Fresh, boomy, explorative rhythm textures in DJ compatible Techno mode