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3024 OMM 1 (EP)
Martyn X Om Unit: The Passenger EP

Perfect forward-looking UK Garage / half-stepping Drum & Bass liaison

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Torn: Internal

Widely reverberating, Noise affine Industrial Ambient wrapped, half-stepping Drum & Bass

Ruffhouse: Straight 9’s

Fantastic, Drone Techno integrating, Drum & Bass related, upfront club music

Weaponry 003 (EP)
Homemade Weapons: Traitors EP

Sparse, Industrial Ambient atmospheric Drum & Bass (half-) steppers w/ deadly precise drum break cut-up science

Weaponry 004 (EP)
Homemade Weapons: Subcept EP

Wildly cut up breakbeats centered Drum & Bass w/ echoes of Industrial Drumming

Weaponry 005 (EP)
Torana: Acrid EP

Absolutely convincing upfront Drum & Bass / stepping Industrial Techno integration

Weaponry 007 (12")
Roho: Alter Ego EP

Thrilling, heavy, dark Industrial Drum & Bass missiles

Signature 007 (12")

Anthem alert - classic early 2000s dream team Drum & Bass in ’liquid’ style

Signature 026 (12")
Calibre & DRS: Whitehorses / Living For

Flawless blue Drum & Bass perfection

Hoover 1-4 (12")
Hoover1: Hoover1-4

Blazing Shed Hardcore declarations for the lovers & the ravers

12" out of stock

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Coco Bryce: Deep into the Jungle
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Subtitles BSL 001 (Download only)
Teebee: Black Science Labs (2020 Remastered)
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Subtitles BSL 002 (Download only)
Teebee: Through The Eyes Of A Scorpion (2020 Remastered)
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Subtitles BSL 003 (Download only)
Teebee: The Legacy (2020 Remastered)
Sam Binga & Hyroglifics: Wicked & Bad EP

Cutting edge, dry Drum & Bass / Electro bangers (w/ download code)

Rua Sound 011 (12")
Arcane: Labyrinth

Classy Jungle infused beat science

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Tim Reaper: Cityscapes
3x LP out of stock

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Last Life: Recon

Flawless, dark, punchy Industrial Drum & Bass album

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Exit 062 (EP)
Skeptical: Outset

Sparse, highly concentrated, deadly Drum & Bass steppers