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Arboretum 005 (Euro 12")
Diasiva: Microplastic

Dark, excellent, crisp Industrial Techno / Drum & Bass killers (download card included)

Exit 077 (UK EP)
Strategy: Lanterns EP

Deadly, upfront, heavy Footwork / Drum & Bass / beat science adventure

Fresh 86 181 (UK Do EP)
Kid Lib: Time Zones

Stunning, far beyond 1990s Jungle revivalism reaching, proper Drum & Bass excursion

Fresh 86 183 (UK EP)
FFF: The Prowler

Tripping leftfield Jungle explorer

12" out of stock

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Ruffhouse: Straight 9’s

Fantastic, Drone Techno integrating, Drum & Bass related, upfront club music

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Pessimist: The Woods

Blinding Drum & Bass / Industrial Techno derived, sparse bangers - Highly Recommended!

Do EP out of stock

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Western Lore 005 (UK Do EP)
Sonic: 110174

Outstanding, idiosyncratic against-the-grain Jungle-Drum-&-Bass-Footwork-Techno adventure - TIP!

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Esoteric 012 (UK 12")
Nucleus & Paradox: Esoterica / Illuminism

Masterful Drum & Bass science

12" out of stock

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Foxy Jangle 6 (UK 12")
FFF: No Ice Cream / Backstreet Dub

Classy Jungle revivalism

Weaponry 001 (UK EP)
Homemade Weapons: Mind Control EP

Futuristic, Industrial style dubbed out, sparse fore-front Drum & Bass EP

Weaponry 007 (UK 12")
Roho: Alter Ego EP

Thrilling, heavy, dark Industrial Drum & Bass missiles

D*Minds: Grenshaw

Hard hitting Drum & Bass rollers

12" out of stock

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Eusebeia: Equal Rights & Justice

Perfectionist heavy Jungle revivalism

Response: Tell Me

Uplifting, properly rolling, techy Drum & Bass cuts

Seba: No One Dies

Crisp, dark atmospherics driven Drum & Bass