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LF RMX 015 (D 12")

Effectively optimized big room Electro & minimalist Tech House DJ tools

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Pinkman 030 (Euro 12")
Amato: Mecanismes Vol. 1
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Unknown Artist: 303 404 EP

Varied, raw, classic Acid oriented Techno workouts

Amish Boy: Nice Try Donnie!

Tough, noisy, stepping Techno grinders to Grime / UK Bass compatible rhythm textures

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We Buy Gold DG-02 (UK Download only)
Warlock: Heygate Shuffle EP

Full-on Footwork / Grime bangers

Zhark 031 (D EP)
Kareem: The Garden Of Time

Hazy, far reverberating, extended Drone scapes

Krewcial: Proto EP

Late night Vocal Deep House & swinging Acid House jackers

Clergy 015 (Euro 12")
Cleric & Kmyle: Empty Shells

Heavy optimized big room Techno pounders w/ ace James Ruskin remix

Delsin 135 (Euro 12")
Mike Golding: The Beginning

B12's Mike Golding created fabulous IDM Techno EP

Ever adventurous SK collaborates for stunningly fresh, precise ‘weightless’ Grime & Techno affine Electronics

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Ambiance: Ebun
12" out of stock

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Lenske 004 (Euro 12")
Airod: Voltage

Heavy, acidic & raving big room Techno bangers

Caterina Barbieri: Ecstatic Computation

Wonderful Ambient explorations of ‘themes related to machine intelligence and object oriented perception in sound’ - Recommended! (download card included)