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Basic Channel 01 (D 12")
Cyrus: Enforcement

Outstanding, idiosyncratic Acid cut w/ outstanding Mills rework + ’Acid-a-capella’

12" out of stock

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Basic Channel 03 (D 12")
Basic Channel: Lyot Rmx

Deep shaped reworks of Phylyps Trak & Lyot

Basic Channel 05 (D 12")
Cyrus: Inversion

Extended, singular Ambient Techno trips

Basic Channel 06 (D 12")
Basic Channel: Quadrant Dub

Essential House - dub mixes for Round One’s ’I’m Your Brother’

Basic Channel 07 (D 12")

Eternal, unmatched, still futuristic sounding Techno textures

Basic Channel BR (D 12")
Basic Channel: Basic Reshape

Set of reshaping Techno/Ambient Techno works originally made for Planet e

Basic Channel QD (D 12")
Quadrant: Infinition

Seminal Basic Channel side project

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Errorsmith 01 (D EP)

MMM’s Eric prod. cutting edge Techno/Computer Music hybrids - TIP!

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Errorsmith 02 (D Do LP)
Errorsmith: Errorsmith 2
Do LP out of stock

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Errorsmith 03 (D Do LP)
Errorsmith: Near Disco Dawn

Cutting edge 2004 Avant-Techno classic w/ strong Disco roots (one mint copy only)

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Electric Indigo: The Reworks Part 1

Bouncy oldschoolish + percussive Chicago-esque techno tracks

12" out of stock

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Electric Indigo: The Reworks Part 2

Percussive reduced + DJ friendly mxs by T. Brinkmann, Kittin & Acid Maria + Steril

Sugar Minott: International Herb

Killer 1983 Bullwackie production - ultimate smoker‘s anthem!

12" out of stock

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Wackies 003 (Reggae 12")
Max Romeo: Birth Of Reggae Music