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MDR 024 (D 12")
#.4.26.: Mono Middle

Heavily saturated, twisted, adventurous Breakbeat Techno explorer

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Shipwrec 045 (Euro 12")
SC-164: Clone & Conceal

Heavy cyborg era Electro transmission

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Taapion 006 (Euro 12")
Various Artists: Taapion 006
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Timothy J. Fairplay: The Way Is Opened And Closed EP

Crafty, dare-to-be-different, leftfield House affine & 80s Synth Wave indebted EP

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Vofa: PI 05

Sawf & ANFS prod. heavy hitting Industrial Techno EP

De:tuned 017 (Euro 12")
Future/Past: Rare & Unreleased

Welcome compilation of previously unreleased / long unavailable Kirk Degiorgio productions

E-Beamz 017 (UK 12")
S-DM: Southside EP

‘roots music’: Chicago oldschool Acid House reminiscent, effective DJ tool set

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Eglo 058 (UK 10")
K15: Sunbeams

’Swinging Latin House Grooves, fast paced Broken Beat and some serious low end frequencies!’

Exit 076 (UK EP)
Groves: Tengmo Rah EP

Crisp, highly effective tunes at the edge of half-step Drum & Bass & Grime beat science

Parachute 020 (Euro 12")
Avatism: Bad Summer

Percussive, braindancing Techno EP (download code included)

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Rekids 113 (UK 12")
Honorée: Marée Haute EP

Sparse, minimalist Tech House / House groover

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Rösten 003 (Euro 12")
Sstrom: Vitriol

Uniquely immersive Techno experimentalism by one half of Shxcxchcxsh

Yotam Avni: Perlude To Dybbuk

Remarkable, pulsating, dense Techno trips

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Tiercel 002 (UK 12")
Bnjmn: Black Coast

Mesmerizing, atmospheric, boomy Techno cuts