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Dense, boomy, mesmerizing big room Techno mini-compilation

Pennyroyal 008 (UK 12")
Zeki: Pennyroyal 008

Powerful, sub focused, universal Grime / stepping Techno hybrids

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Subwax JPN 06 (Euro 12")
Fluxion: Multidirectional I+II (DeepChord Rebuilds)
Tresor 305 (D 12")
Marcelus: Magnet EP

Superb, uplifting, stepping to deep blue atmospheric, tripping Techno EP (w/ download card)

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Kornél Kovács: Metropolis

Playful, raw DJ tool House set

Disk 014 (D EP)
Bambounou: Parameter Perkusia EP

Drumming & rhythms centred, stripped down, powerful Techno explorer

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Disk 015 (D EP)

Magical drumming works centered trip w/ echoes of Gamelan & idiosyncratic atmospheres - Highly Recommended!

Chilled Ambient leaning, futurist South African rooted Cyber-Pop / Grime hybrid in ever stunning Hyperdub mode (download card included)

Vromm: For the New Dawn (feat. Agama)

Warm half-step Drum & Bass / Jazz-Pop fusion affine anthem & crisp, spaced out rollers

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Parallax 007 (D 12")
Matushka: Meta

Sparse metallic Techno rhythms set

Harmonious Thelonious: Background Noise

Percussive Outernational rhythms / Techno hybrid cuts

Wackies 714 (Reggae 12")
The Chosen Brothers: March Down Babylon

Stone classic Bullwackies, sensationally featuring two unreleased dubs (w/ download code)

Judas: Unsaid Pt. 1

Heavy, grinding, dark big room Techno pounders