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Beautiful, quiet Accoustic/Electro-Accoustic/Electronic Ambient album

Sub Rosa 391 (Euro LP)
Uneven Eleven: Live At Cafe Oto

A ’Supergroup caught in wild act at Cafe Oto, London in 2014.’

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’...and Tapes added electronics - a shot of Drum Song... and a giddily intense binghi dub. Total murder.’

Bungle: Alone

Crafty Drum & Bass rave cuts

Surgeon: Communications

1996 album reissued - ’It still has the power to corrupt the youth of today.’ (comes w/ download)

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Visonia: Nausicaa EP

Fine Detroit/UK Rave tinged spaced out Techno/Electro tracks

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Figure 066 (D EP)
Markus Suckut: For Start # For Set #

Effective big room DJ tool Techno cuts & interludes

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MOS Deep 022 (Euro 12")
2 AM/FM: Passion Of A Night

Fine Chicago/Detroit/New Wave influenced jacking House cuts

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Fracture X Chimpo: From Early

Fresh Drum & Bass/Footwork related cross-over

Bass Clef: Present Moment Only Moment

Leftfield UKG related House EP (w/ poster insert)

Sub Rosa 377 (Euro Do LP)
André Stordeur: Analog and Digital Electronic Music 1978-80

Stunning set of late 1970s recordings by an pioneer of modular sound synthesis

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Sub Rosa 395 (Euro 3x CD)
André Stordeur: Complete Analog and Digital Electronic Works 1978-2000

Revision of the impressive œuvre by an pioneering teacher of (modular) synthesis

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Kevin Arnemann: Lumière EP

Dubbed out Ambient Techno trips

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Tempa 099 (UK 12")
Nomine: Blind Man
Vrsion: Vibration

Heavy, Disco rooted DJ tool big room House w/ uplifting Trevino version (comes in plain sleeve)