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Sähkö 04 (Euro EP)
Hertsi: Kohina

Luxury reissue of long lost 1993 pre-Pan Sonic Techno classic w/ original track listing - Essential Must Have - few sealed copies

TSI 009 (D 12")

Hard industrialized Techno pounders

TVT 4810 (US 12")
AFX: Analogue Bubblebath Vol.1

Legendary Aphex Twin debut EP - one sealed copy

TVT 8705 (US 12")

2007 re-issue of a 1992 Aphex Twin Techno all-time classic - one mint copy

Taapion 005 (Euro 12")
AWB: Celestial Longitude EP

Atmospheric tripping Techno tracks - 2017 repress in plain sleeve

Zhark 00016 (D 12")
Kareem: Druids

Superb Noise/Industrial/Industrial Techno EP

Optimized, floor friendly big room Techno cuts

YYYY: Intention Of Mortal

Subtly Ambient-ish to stomping, dark full range Techno set

DJ Richard: Nailed To The Floor

Out-there, fresh, hard hitting, original 1990s US House / Techno leaning killer EP

3TH 006 (Euro 12")
Ascion: Public Head

Immense, industrialised, early 1990s UK outsider Techno reminiscent EP - TIP!

3TH 007 (Euro EP)
Lucindo: Alien Rebellion

Fantastic, hard banging & distorted acid injected Techno in early 1990s reminiscence mode