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Special Interest: The Passion Of...

New Orleans based, current Punk project blending densely Synth / Wave / Noise influences (comes with Poster)

80s synth project properly reissued including the Italo followup, cosmic disco ultra classic

12" out of stock

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Robert Rental: Paralysis

Valuable, expanded reissue of late 70s British diy-post punk project

LP out of stock

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Richenel: La Diferencia

Expanded reissued of 1982 Synth-Pop cassette only release

Shoc Corridor: A Blind Sign

Valuable reissue of 1982 UK Minimal / New Wave / Synth Pop gem

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Stratis: New Face

Valuable reissue of cinematic 1981 New Wave / Synth Pop / Synth Disco album

Ike Yard: Night After Night

Welcome reissue of fearless New Wave killer debut EP from 1981