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Kaylah: Ardcore To The Bone
Príncipe 031 (LP)
Nídia: Não Fales Nela Que A Mentes

Fresh, imaginative, playful Afro-Portuguese Electronics

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Wokoundou 002 (12")
Philou Louzolo: Ahosi Army

Remarkable, African musics enriched House / Techno trips

AFU Ltd. 058 (12")
Knarz: Classix 3

Thomas P. Heckmann prod. hard hitting, EBM tinged big room Techno rave

Auxiliary 014 (Do 12")
ASC: The Farthest Reaches EP

Epic, pulsatic, extended, perfectly crafted Ambient Techno EP

RT Sound Factor: 7th Heaven

"Tribute to the Energy of Frankie Knuckles" - Ron Trent prod. Deep House ode to The Sound Factory

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Acid Test 015 (12")
Ociya: Acid Test 015

Tin Man & Patricia prod. beautiful Acid House / Techno drifters

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Exit 081 (EP)
Fracture: Soundboy Get Nervous

Wild, twisted, Rave aimed Footwork / Drum & Bass mash-ups

Reissue of subtle explorative Electronica album (w/ download code)

Version 010 (12")
Orson: Life Gamble

Sparse, original Dubstep works

Version 014 (12")
Orson: Delivero

Classy, atmospheric, Dub & UK Bass musics schooled EP

Weaponry 007 (12")
Roho: Alter Ego EP

Thrilling, heavy, dark Industrial Drum & Bass missiles