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Geophone 04 (12")
Mike Parker: Voiceprint

2019 reissue of sought-after MP Techno blueprint

Stanislav Tolkachev: What Are You Thinking About, Little Duck?

Cinematic, adventurous Ambient Techno impressions - black vinyl repress

Haven 007 (12")
Tommy Holohan: Skull Crushing Techniques Vol. 2

Bold, Hardcore to Trance infused Techno / Jungle pounders

Elad Magdasi: Kinky Kicks

Superb, fresh, highly effective big room Techno bomb

Midgar 017 (12")

Absolutely perfect atmospheric UK House / Techno weapons

Dax J: The Invisible Man

Unstoppably adventurous, 1990's Techno / Rave advancing, high-pressure explosiveness

Moxy Muzik 007 (12")
Demuir: Soul Muzak

Reduced bouncy House cuts

Ostgut Ton 109 (12")
LSD: Process

A Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell & David Sumner joint venture - direct Techno banger

Ostgut Ton 126 (12")
Etapp Kyle: Nolove

Sublime, deep, stepping Ambient Techno scapes

Ostgut Ton LP 021 (Do LP)
Kobosil: We Grow, You Decline

Sparse, Industrial trained, contemplative & floor dedicated Techno excursions (w/ download code)