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Rawax RWX 010 (12")
Sublee: We Meet Again

Minimalist, atmopsheric, techy House set

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Torn: Internal

Widely reverberating, Noise affine Industrial Ambient wrapped, half-stepping Drum & Bass

V I S 006 (EP)
Pharmakustik: Propulsion

Atmospheric experimental IDM rhythm twister

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Weaponry 003 (EP)
Homemade Weapons: Traitors EP

Sparse, Industrial Ambient atmospheric Drum & Bass (half-) steppers w/ deadly precise drum break cut-up science

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Weaponry 004 (EP)
Homemade Weapons: Subcept EP

Wildly cut up breakbeats centered Drum & Bass w/ echoes of Industrial Drumming

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Arts Core 004 (12")
Judas: Anathema
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Childhood 001 (12")
DJ Deep: Vaincre

Deep dubby Techno trips

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Carl Finlow: Descent

Perfect Electro delights

Wheez-ie: Only Human

Hard hitting junglist Rave / Hardcore bangers

Deeptrax 016 (EP)
Sonar Base: Dark Matter Transmissions #3: We Attack At Dawn
Dust World 003 (12")
Dust-e-1: The Cool Dust EP

Delightful, trippy, early 90s oriented Chillout / House EP