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Perlon 126 (LP)
Chris Korda: Apologize To The Future

Outstanding, vocoder voiced disaster prophecies themed 'polymeter dance' album

Perlon 092-2 (Do EP)
Ricardo Villalobos: Dependent And Happy (Part 2)

Wonderfully subtle, extended tripping outsider House

Perlon 117-2 (12")

Mesmerizing, crispy grooving, subtle, modern House

Perlon 125 (12")

Edward & Ricardo Villalobos prod. minimalist House trips

Perlon 121 (EP)
Ivan Iacobucci: Logic Solution

Fresh House grooves: ‘four magic excursions through unknown territories’

Perlon 116 (EP)
Spacetravel: Metroname

Minimalist, jacking, spaced out House / Tech House jams

Perlon 103.1 (12")

Fine psychedelic and reduced House trips

Perlon 123 (Do LP)
Chris Korda: Akoko Ajeji

Singular, sneakily infectious, extended polymetric patterns exploring House album

Perlon 104 (12")
Binh: Visio

Extended atmospheric House trips

Perlon 109 (Do EP)
Spacetravel: Dancing Therapy

Minimalist House w/ classic Techno & explorative Electronics leaning sound sphere

Perlon 111 (Do EP)
Binh: Noah’s Day

Minimalist, warm subs driven House / Tech House trips