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Mord 042 (12")
Ontal: Uprock

Hard hitting forceful Techno pounders

12" out of stock

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Mord 043 (12")
Under Black Helmet: I Was Laid-Back A Sinner Of Sorts

Excellent, raw, effective Techno bangers - repress w/o cover

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Mord 057 (12")

Killer, twisted, stepping Techno EP

Mord 038 (12")
UVB: The School Of Intolerance

Hard hitting, Birmingham sound reviving Techno killers

Do EP out of stock

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Mord 065 (Do EP)
The Advent: Shadows

Pure, highly effective, Purpose Maker style Techno tools

Mord 069 (EP)
Bas Mooy: Killed Soil Sinking

Effectively focused, boomy Techno EP

Mord 071 (12")
Tensal: Tyranny EP

Flawless, highly focused Techno missiles

Do LP out of stock

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Mord 048 (Do LP)
Kamikaze Space Programme: Void Coefficient

Lethal advanced Techno robotics in perfect sound design - Recommended!

Mord 041 (12")
Datasmok: Knee Deep In Mud

Hard, effective, distorted Acid Techno bangers

Mord 017 (12")
Exium: Human Element EP

Direct, effective, flawless Techno bomb

Mord 066 (12")
Diabla Diezco: Memento Mori

Excellent, heavy grinding, Birmingham schooled Techno darkness

12" out of stock

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Mord 044 (12")
Lag: All The Children Are Insane

Stunning Techno spectacle!

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Mord 031 (12")
A001: Nyctophobia

Devastating raw Techno voodoo - killer!