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Karl 068 (LP)
Hüma Utku: Gnosis

‘a blend of abstract electronics and ritualistic throbbing beats with field recordings and ambience’ (donwload card included)

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Karl 055 (LP)
Giulio Aldinucci: Disappearing In A Mirror
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Karl 040 (LP)
Giulio Aldinucci: Borders and Ruins
Karl 046 (LP)
Audrey Chen: Runt Vigor

Classic 'Electro-Accoustic’ Electronic reminiscent sound scapes

Karl 054 (EP)
R.A.N.: Şeb-i Yelda

Noise & Modern Classical affine, partly pulsating Electronic Drone explorer

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Karl 060 (LP)
Saba Alizadeh: Scattered Memories

Again Karl brings stunningly cinematic freshness by releasing Saba Alizadeh’s debut - Highly Recommended!

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Karl 066 (CD)
Brian Harnetty: Shawnee, Ohio

‘an intriguing blend of archive recordings of interviews with residents of that small town and melancholic chamber-folk’

Karl 020 (LP)
Column One: Entropium

Zeitkratzer ensemble plays compositions by the Berlin based Electroacoustic/Industrial collective

Karl 022 (LP)

’teaming up for a confrontational sonic attack’

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Karl 053 (LP)
Creta: Creta

‘blend[ing] sci-fi ambient atmospheres with dark bass pulses and bucolic-mediterranean string instruments’

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Karl 045 (LP)
Aidan Baker & Gareth Davis: Invisible Cities

Astonishing, meditative Drone / Ambient album - Highly Recommended!

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Karl 024 (LP)
Iannis Xenakis: La Légende d'Eer

Immersive & extended electroacoustic composition unearthed - download code included