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12" out of stock

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Downwards 100 (12")
Regis: Blood Witness (Extended Version)

Expanded in reissue of Regis’ BEB Industrial-drumming/Techno hybrid cut

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Downwards DO 5 (10")
DVA Damas: Brand New Head

Late 1970s UK wave/punk music rooted band project

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Kerridge: Waiting For Love 1-4

Psychedelic, noisy, puristic, Electronic Drone/Techno hybrids

Do 12" out of stock

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Downwards DN 050 (Do 12")
Regis: Death Head Said
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Downwards 32 (12")

Surgeon & Regis prod. the cutting edge industrial techno

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Regis: 1994-1996

1st in a series compiling Karl O’Connor’s genre shaping Regis project, comes in slim cardboard sleeve

Downwards DO 4 (10")
Sandra Electronics: It Slipped Her Mind

Explorative droning 1970s electronic punk rooted experimental edged cuts (one mint copy)