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Hoover 1-3 (12")
Hoover1: Hoover1-3

Hardcore Shedism for the head strong in Glasgow-to-Golzow-via-Storkow mode

Hoover 1-4 (12")
Hoover1: Hoover1-4

Blazing Shed Hardcore declarations for the lovers & the ravers

Pure rhythm & groove adventure reflecting on UK Bass related beat science & Dub Reggae roots

Twisted, sub heavy, dubbed out groove adventure bridging minimalist Tech House & UK Bass vibes - Highly recommended!

Magical swinging, basslines driven & minimalist Dub House excursions - Highly Recommended!

On the quest for non linear grooves - pure, explorative, outsider rhythm jams

Soundstream 01 (12")
Soundstream: Good Soul

Absolute Disco House standards - Essential!

Soundstream 03 (12")
Soundstream: Love Jam

Absolute Disco House standards - Essential!

Sharplines: Heading For Hell

Tough, classy & highly effectively banging EBM / Goth-Techno integration

12" out of stock

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Gesloten Cirkel: Bad Manners 7

Raw, partly New Beat leaning, acidic Techno / Electro EP

Risque 1 (12")

Subtle killer grooves derived from Friedman’s Outernational percussions & musics infected works - Highly Recommended!

Orlando Voorn: Bad Manners 5

Ace, warm, funky Dutch / Detroit school House / Techno EP

Inga Mauer: Bad Manners 6

Raw, slightly EBMish Electro tinged Techno trips

10" out of stock

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Contemporary catchy Goth Wave tune b/w proper Parallx remix slammer (one per customer)

Equalized 009 (12")
EQD: #009

Perfectly focused, pure Techno strikes

Equalized 001 (12")
EQD: #001

Hard hitting on-point Techno groover

Equalized 002 (12")
EQD: #002

Anthem alert! breakbeat driven dreamy Techno cut

Equalized 003 (12")
EQD: #003

Blinding Techno weapon

Equalized 005 (12")
EQD: #005

Classy pure Techno banger

Equalized 006 (12")
EQD: #006

Immediate, boomy, uplifting DJ tool Techno cuts

Equalized 008 (12")
EQD: #008

Fresh, full on & saturated ‘in-ya-face’ Techno trip

Various Artists: Sound Sampler Vol. 1

One of the most magical & original House projects of recent times w/ deep roots in classic Chicago House offers its multiple facets on one EP - Essential Must Have!

Felix K: FLXK1 #1

Remarkable explorative Techno cuts

Felix Krone: Museum #1: The Castle Of The Pyrenees
F&E: Forschung & Entwicklung I

Striking atmospheric Techno / D&B hybrid EP

Approved, properly executed DJ tool Techno / Electro split EP

Elbee Bad / Kichi Kazuko: Super Sound Tool #5

Approved, properly executed DJ tool Techno / House split EP

F&E: Forschung & Entwicklung II

Felix Krone & Yu Asaeda led explorations into fresh, unknown Electronics territories

F&E: Sparse #4

Immersive dark Drone / Industrial atmospheres - very few limited dubplate copies, one per customer

Ena: One Draw

Explorative rhythmic Noise / Electronics research

Felix K: Skulpturen #1-4

Cinematic Drone voyage on two extended sides

12" out of stock

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Rikhter: RIK4

Relentless Rave Techno bomb - one per customer

Fiedeltwo 4.1 (12")
Mode_1: 4x4 Series Pt.1

Tough, reduced, highly effective big room Techno package

Fiedeltwo 4.2 (12")
Vinicius Honorio: 4x4 Series Pt.2

Tough stomping, highly effective big room Techno package

Robert Henke: Piercing Music

1993 one hour Electronic Music composition; no repress, but warehouse find - original sealed copies

CNG 2 (12")

Deadly, earth shaking dubs for idiosyncratic, rhythm centered Congolese Konono N° 1 project

12" out of stock

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Workshop 29 (12")
DJ Slyngshot: Workshop 29

Raw, subtly drifting, purist Breakbeat House cuts

Struktur 001 (12")

Cosmic vortex opened by spearhead of Techno Minimalism formerly ∑ - Killer!

Marcel Dettmann: Bad Manners 3

Party-starting, jauntily distorted Shake b/w expertly trippy Morphosis remix treatments