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Parallel 02 (D 12")

Full reissue of heavenly early 1990s Detroit schooled & minimalist Techno gem

Struktur 001 (D 12")

Cosmic vortex opened by spearhead of Techno Minimalism formerly ∑ - Killer!

Sharplines: Heading For Hell

Tough, classy & highly effectively banging EBM / Goth-Techno integration

Blinding Noise appreciating Electronic sound scapes w/ highly focused Designer Techno

Catherine Christer Hennix: The Deontic Miracle: Selections from 100 Models of Hegikan Roku

Music of cosmic dimensions, divine beauty, at the edge to eternity - highly recommended Drone research project led by Catherine Christer Hennix

Perlon 121 (D EP)
Ivan Iacobucci: Logic Solution

Fresh House grooves at their best: ‘four magic excursions through unknown territories’

DJ Sotofett: Dub Off

‘Three murderous steppers dubs’

Key Vinyl 013 (Euro 12")
Splice: Kobold

Classy, pure, driving Techno bangers

Workshop XXII (D LP)
Zigtrax: Zigtrax

Tripping Dub centred Electronica in chilled lounge & pulsating leftfield House modes

Voam 001 (UK 12")
Karenn: Kind Of Green

Killer, Blawan & Pariah prod. straightforward Techno mind twisters

3024 FYE 3 (UK 12")

Fabulous, UKG infused, percussive House mini-compilation w/ blinding Martyn cut

Key Vinyl 015 (Euro 12")

Fresh, dark, stealthy Techno EP incl. killer Blawan collabo

Pickled People: Pickled People

Mid 1990s Terry Francis & Jiten Acharya prod., classy tripping UK Acid House jams

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Midgar 017 (Euro 12")

Absolutely perfect atmospheric UK House / Techno weapons