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Deejay Xanax: No Title Whatsoever

Released via UK; mid/early 1990s tied, reduced IDM leaning Breakbeat / Jungle rivivalism

Fides 005 (Euro 12")
Z.I.P.P.O.: Definition Of Nowhere
E.R.P.: Pith

Advanced atmospheric Electro cuts - 2016 repress

Superb Ron Trent co-prod. Disco led House jams

Iero 012 (Euro 12")
Takuya Matsumoto: Sweetrainsuite

Excellent inventive, warm and bubbly House jams

Grey Branches: Lower Bounds EP

Yves De Mey prod. twisted, out-of-the-ordinary Techno EP

Instillation 009 (UK Do EP)
Frank Hunter: Twister

Reduced & heavy percussive to spaced out floating DJ tool techno/house

Chayell: It's Never Too Hot

1987 sultry Belgian Synth Disco Sleaze classic reissued

Klakson 024 (Euro 12")
Mesak: Bessemerbirne

Fine Detroit led gritty Electro/Techno cuts