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No Name (Single Adapter)
7" / Single Adapter: Hemispherical

Solid steel, 150 g, shape allows faster changes

12" out of stock

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Torn: Internal

Widely reverberating, Noise affine Industrial Ambient wrapped, half-stepping Drum & Bass

Ruffhouse: Straight 9’s

Fantastic, Drone Techno integrating, Drum & Bass related, upfront club music

Weaponry 001 (EP)
Homemade Weapons: Mind Control EP

Futuristic, Industrial style dubbed out, sparse fore-front Drum & Bass EP

Weaponry 003 (EP)
Homemade Weapons: Traitors EP

Sparse, Industrial Ambient atmospheric Drum & Bass (half-) steppers w/ deadly precise drum break cut-up science

Weaponry 004 (EP)
Homemade Weapons: Subcept EP

Wildly cut up breakbeats centered Drum & Bass w/ echoes of Industrial Drumming

Weaponry 005 (EP)
Torana: Acrid EP

Absolutely convincing upfront Drum & Bass / stepping Industrial Techno integration

Weaponry 007 (12")
Roho: Alter Ego EP

Thrilling, heavy, dark Industrial Drum & Bass missiles

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777 019 (12")
Qnete: Pasting Pieces

Warm uplifting House / Electro / Techno EP

Arts 027 (12")
Parallx: Lost In Time

Forceful atmospheric big room Techno bangers

12" out of stock

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Carl Finlow: Descent

Perfect Electro delights