After Mark Ernestus' mix of Moyege in this series, now his Basic Channel / Rhythm And Sound partner comes to the control tower. Moritz's deep Berlin steppers discloses dubwise traces of our original Lagos recording - the percussion of Yinka Ogunye, the singing of fifties palmwine legend Rolling Dollar, Oscar Olimbi's guitar lick - in with his own Oberheim voicings, additional drumming, and cool-and-deadly rhythm track. It's a tough, masterly dance record in fine Rhythm And Sound style - which during its ten-and-a-half minutes seems to ponder time elapsed and journeys undertaken. Like a stepping razor, but t-u-m-p-i-n. This Reggae Land version is the take-no-prisoners, pared-down dub of Wareika Hill Sounds' rootical rework of Ise Nla. Magnificent trombone and percussion; expert, classical JA mixing. Brings to mind those great dubs of Glen Brown's Black Man Stand Up Pan Foot. (Information provided by the label)