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Sepehr: Body Mechanics

Current, diverse set of late 1980s Acid House vibes schooled Electro & Techno

Photonz: Etheric Body Music

Blend of oldschool Acid Techno, Drexciyan Electro vibes & EBM / New Beat reminiscences

Tv.Out: Dusk Till Dawn

Current blend of Electro-Techno & classic EBM & New Beat vibes

Disk 016 (EP)
Baptisma: Pes EP

Outstanding drumming focused & Gamelan infected, intergalactic rhythm excursions - Highly Recommended!

Impress 002 (12")
Taupe: Helion

Flawless, aethereal, Detroit school Techno / Electro EP

Mix Mode 014 (12")
Delano Smith: Deeper Fundamentals I

Ace, subtly atmospheric DJ tool Dub House EP

Warp LP 017 (Do LP)
Autechre: Incunabula

Repress of Autechre's wonderful IDM / Electronica 1993 debut album in gatefold cover - must have. (w/ download code)

Warp LP 025 (Do LP)
Autechre: Amber

Repress of legendary 2nd album by one of IDM's defining projects, comes in gatefold cover - must have. (w/ download code)

Warp LP 090 (Do LP)
The Other People Place: Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café

Repress of brilliant, focused & warm, James Stinson prod. Electro-Techno album - Tip! (w/ download code)

EON 003 (12")
Steve Allman: Brainwave

Classy, detroitish styled, direct Electro cuts

Mood II Swing: Do It Your Way

Coloured vinyl repress via UK - classic NYC Deep House

Høst: Survive

Flawless UK Bass cuts with heavy remix score by Om Unit